Establishing Nutritional village first time in IndiA


    As we all are aware, that over two billion people around the world suffer from “hidden hunger” or “micro-nutrient deficiencies”. These people are devoid of getting enough micro-nutrients from the food they eat to lead healthy & vigorous live. Monotonous & staple diets are still predominant in low-income family groups/ households. Unhealthy diet is the single largest risk factor for the global burden of diseases. Biofortified and organic crops are better options to obtain healthy foods which provide most of the nutrients and helps to improve human immune system for fighting diseases. Diversified farming can also improve nutrient adequacy in the diets of smallholder agricultural households as well as other people of our country. Diversified Farming culture and investing in small number of cash crops can generate sufficient income for farming households. “Unless farming systems change, we cannot expect people to have better diets. During the end of year 2018, the Government of India had announced for mandatory use of biofortified rice in all mid day school meals and public nutrition programmes across the country by December 2019. India is one of the focus countries for release of several biofortified crops like iron and zinc pearl millet, iron and zinc rice and provitamin A rice.

    Rural Development Council(RDC) has a mission to create and sustain an environment, conducive for the development of Agriculture- with a vision to play a catalytic role in integrated development of agriculture sector and empowerment of farmers. We are pleased to inform that village Kukribigha, Panchayat – Ular sorampur inBihar having 1800 farmer population, have around 1300 farmers practising – diversified, organic, bio- zinc fortified, cash crop and zero Budget Farming from last 8 years . Most popular farming crops in this area are – Black Rice, Black wheat, Black Gram and Bio-Zinc fortified crops. Now Kukribigha has set an example of an ideal village for the state of Bihar. To motivate and encourage farmers of this village , Shri Dr Prem kumar, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture Department and Animal & Fisheries Resources Department, Government of Bihar, on Friday 4 July 2020 at 12:00 Hrs will lay the foundation stone of Bihar’s first “Nutritional Village” with an objective to become a 100 percent organic village practising zero budget farming, and the largest producer of bio & zinc fortified crops yield village. It is widely recognised that there is a positive relationship between agricultural credit and agricultural growth. For a farmer, access to affordable institutional credit becomes crucial to start and sustain a good crop cycle based on quality inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, machinery and equipment, and sufficient supply of water and power. I am writing to request if you could please:

    • Kind support (Farm machinery, Equipment, Seeds etc) to the farmers of this village, which will help them in farming throughout the year.

    • Block your calendar and join us as “Guest Speaker” in this initiative .

    • Financially support this program with sponsorship amount of INR 50,000 Only (Platinum Sponsor) .

    A line of confirmation from you would be much appreciated. Sponsorship matrix attached for your reference and use Rural Development Council (RDC) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization, playing a proactive role in India’s rural development process. RDC has a mission to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of Agriculture with a vision to play a catalytic role in the integrated development of India’s agriculture Sector, empower farmers, and to improve livelihood at India’s most vulnerable population. We endeavour in making available best quality input assistance also capacitate both male and female farmers in Zero Budget Farming. Our Finance Minister Smt. Sitharaman once said zero budget farming will help double the farming income in days to come.

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